Thursday 14 June 2012

TV Fashion - Hart of Dixie (part 3)

To complete my Hart Of Dixie series it is now the boys turn - in this show even the boys have a style all their own. 
Cress Williams as Mayor Lavon Hayes - 

Scott Porter as George Tucker - 

and Wilson Bethel as Wade Kinsella - 

but let's be honest they all look better without their clothes on and Hart of Dixie ensures that there is always a pleasing lack of clothing when it comes to these guys.  Thank god for the hot weather in Bluebell!

In fact an episode of Hart Of Dixie is not complete without Wade removing his shirt and I say Amen to that!!


dancing in beaumont said...

No wonder Zoe didn't want to leave!!! Hope Summer lasts all winter long!!!!

EmmaD said...

OMG how have I not watched this show yet???