Sunday, 17 June 2012

This Week's Happenings

There are many reasons why I dislike Winter but I now have a new one - by the time I close the shop in the evening and get to the house it is too dark to see what has been done that day let alone take photos.  It's very frustrating.  I finally made it down there on Saturday in the daylight and here are some of the changes this week...

The kitchen is taking shape.
Not only the cabinets are in but my beautiful bench top has made it's way out of Gidget's bedroom to where it belongs.

They have begun to lay the flooring.
And my darling husband who hates painting has been furiously undercoating the ceilings so the electricians can install the downlights.

We had a visit from some of the cousins and they gave it a hearty thumbs up - mainly because the boys thought all the mud was 'cool'.

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EmmaD said...

Wow - the bathroom bench looks gorgeous - Jealous!!! (so do those fab doors btw)