Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Kitchen Solutions

Surfer Boy is busy installing the kitchen cabinets today which got me thinking about all the fabulous ideas people come up with to solve their storage issues, or just the simple solutions to everyday tasks in the kitchen.  Here are some of my favourites....

Why doesn't every kitchen come with a chopping board directly over their bin?  It makes so much sense.

I will definitely be having storage tubs in my pantry for potatoes, onions etc as it constantly irritates me when I have to fossick in the back of the cupboard for these items.

I adore this idea for dry baking products, glass drawers - if only I could afford it!

This idea for kitchen paper is fabulous and would be so handy, why didn't I think of this earlier?

Shelves for recipe books particularly appeals to me - they are usually too pretty to be hidden away and this way you could open a book to the recipe you need and it would stay open!  double joy.

Thinking outside the box - why do we have to have our cutlery lying flat - this is such a great idea.  Mind you it probably takes up twice the room so that's a fair reason not to do it.

Do you have any fabulous Kitchen ideas to share? 


Karen said...

Oh I love this post! There are some ideas here I haven't seen before despite my best Pinterest stalking ;-)

Alas, I don't have any fabulous kitchen ideas to share. Apart from not frying anything in the nude, but that's probably a bit obvious... ;-)

JK said...

Hahaha! love that piece of advice Karen.

Tarrysaser said...

A bit boring but a multi- roll dispenser (paper towel, foil, cling wrap, lunch wrap, one under the other) in an open spot is really handy . We had one in Germany and I'm sure they are available here. I'm looking.

Anonymous said...

such kitchen fabulousness. You are such a lucky thing, I bet you'll be spending all your spare time baking when it is finished. oh, I can almost smell the scent of freshly baked cookies.....