Thursday 10 May 2012

Reno Update

This post is really only for my parents who are on the other side of the world for a couple of months and are patiently waiting for us to vacate their house, having moved out in October so we could move in!...

Dear Mum and Dad,
The house is finally at 'Lock Up'- bet you never thought that would happen.
Roof is finally finished to Surfer Boy's satisfaction,
All weatherboards are on,
All external doors are on although the shed doors are only temporary (SB will make his own)
SB has been working onsite all week furiously painting the top storey before the builders removed the scaffolding,
So.... upstairs is now fully painted with 3 coats and he's working his way down.
Yesterday the electrician marked out all our lights/powerboards/phone jacks and today the heating ducts are being marked out.
Surfer Boy has finished the bathroom bench and he has also made a gorgeous top for the sink in the second toilet. 
Apparently all the precut timber for the bathroom/Kitchen cabinetry is ready to be delivered so it looks like he will be able to start on that next week.
I think that is it for now....
You never know - you may actually be able to move back in to your own home when you get back!  (but it might be safer not to hold your breath)
Hope you are having a fabulous time
Love you heaps
Jen xoxo



Kell said...

It is looking amazing Jen. Am very excited for you.

JK said...

Thanks Kell - Cuppa as soon as we're back in?

Tarrysaser said...

Great progress and great look. We are not in as much hurry to get back to Port Melbourne as you are to get out, I"ll bet.

Unknown said...

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Lizeylou said...

Let me know when I can come for a visit - it looks fanstastic!!