Monday, 28 May 2012

CHALK Quilts

Invaribly when I make a quilt, be it a customer order or stock for the shop, I forget to photograph it which is such a shame.  Each quilt is a one-off and I'm sure there are dozens out there that I have no record of.  You can't help but invest a little of yourself in each one as I'm sure all crafters will attest to. 
Luckily I remembered to snap a couple of the above quilt as I put it out in the store as a couple of hours it was gone! I posted a photo of it on our store Facebook page and one of our lovely customers saw it and came straight in to buy it!  
There is a boys quilt on the machine at the moment so as soon as it's finished the camera will come out - I think I should make them a proper file so I can document them all.

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