Thursday, 17 May 2012

Paint It White

A friend asked me the other day what colour white I would suggest for her home and it got me thinking about our own house.  Painting your home white seems like any easy decision but as you can see from the Dulux card below - white is not just white.

There are cool whites, warm whites, whites with a mauve base, blue base, yellow base, off whites - and all of these change the look and feel of a home quite dramatically. 

Dulux whisper White

Dulux White Duck with Whisper White trim
Dulux Antique White USA
There are lots of articles to found on the subject so I won't go in to it suffice to say I dragged out my paint swatches and nailed down the white I want to use at the house.
Previously we had slathered the whole house in painters white (white base paint with no tint added)  and this was more than fine in our small fairly dark home - it is a very glarey white with no softness but this did not matter back then.  Now that the house is bigger, lighter and more open I needed to find a white that was a lovely bright white but one with some warmth.  I definitely didn't want yellow undertones or grey so I narrowed down my choices to these soft whites ...

Dulux - Lexicon 1/4 strength

Dulux Whisper White  (tends to be a little grey)

Dulux White On White

Porters China Doll

Taubmans Snow Cap

Dulux White on White

I think I  have decided to go with Dulux White On White as it is a clean bright white that has a softness to it.  Hopefully I won't feel like I'm in the middle of a science experiment like I would have with the painters white.

Farrow & Ball - Slipper Satin

Dulux White Duck - full strength

Dulux White on White

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