Sunday 27 May 2012


WE have a friend, Michael, who practically begged us to let him come over and run cable through our walls.  Apparently this means we are hardwired to the internet in every cranny of our house and can connect to anything and everything in the future with no effort.  We didn't understand half of his explanation but it sounded good and he was so enthusiastic that we gladly gave him free rein.  He came over last weekend and spent the day running lots of blue cable through every wall - we even have a cabled doorbell now and cable leading to the deck for our outdoor sound system (who knew we were having one of those?) Surfer Boy even has cable out to the shed, just in case. 

And he did it all for coffee and a doughnut!

He has promised me that he will come over after the house is finished and help set up everything although he didn't seem that keen on hooking up my Video player - apparently times have changed.   
Thank you Michael - that's a lot of dinners we now owe you.


Tarrysaser said...

From these photos it looks as if we will be heading down the coast on Sarurday! We are happy with that.

Anonymous said...

i think i need a friend called Michael !