Tuesday 5 July 2011

Kate Watch - Day 5

I'm so jealous because Their Royal Gorgeousness are in the only place on earth I want to visit before I die!  Prince Edward Island - the home of Anne shirley. (Anne of Green Gables for those of you who obviously should know better).  I know Kate was excited for the same reason which just makes me love her more.
The other thing I love about Day 5 of The Tour is this glimpse we get of Kate and Will's genuine love for each other... so nice to see Royals actually showing affection in public.

She and Will took part in a Dragon Race, competing against each other and by the looks of it they had a ball.
And like any of us - she carried her own camera around, wanting to document her trip herself.


And then they were off again - in a helicopter I'm assuming due to the pose...

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Catherine said...

Royal Watch AND Anne Shirley!!! :)