Thursday, 7 July 2011

House Update

Tuesday Afternoon 4.50 - Closing up the shop so I can be home in time to meet our builders who are coming over at 5.30 with contracts to sign and lots of fun details about starting the extension, finally.  Very excited as we've been waiting weeks for them to have the documents ready.

Tuesday Afternoon 5.02 - Phone call from builders...'sorry but I have bad of our staff has resigned suddenly and we just don't think we can take on your job now.....


As you can imagine I was speechless, then incredulous, speechless again and then angry followed closely by teary.

Unfortunately at 5.05 I had to ring Surfer Boy and tell him, which meant that both us spent a very sad, depressed evening.  The thought that my parents had moved out of their home so we could move in in 6 weeks time added a whole new level of despair.

By 10.00 I had pulled myself together - hit the Internet, sent out an S.O.S. on Facebook and put our job details on line to see if anyone wanted to quote on the job.  Thanks to H.I.A. and TradeCentral I was able to log our job and hopefully sit back and wait for someone to want it.  A long shot but worth a try.  At least I felt like I was being proactive.

Wednesday Morning - whip off a few emails to builders to see if they want to quote.

Wednesday 12.30 - FIRST CALL BACK One of my random emails hit pay dirt and we were off and running with our first new quote. 
(I had made sure to mention that we needed an asap start so we figure that any one who contacts us is available to start.)

Wednesday 4.00 - 3 MORE interested builders thanks to Tradecentral ready and willing to quote immediately!  What a huge relief - at least we now have some options and you never know we may end up starting when anticipated.

This Morning - Surfer Boy has called to tell me that he has appointments with 2 of the builders to come and see the house - WOW!  If these guys can come and see us this quickly than they deserve the business.  Now fingers crossed we like them/their quotes are reasonable. 

All in all things are looking up and the bleak despair we felt on Tuesday has lifted.  Wish us luck!


Ellise @ Charles Whyte said...

Good luck. What a rollercoaster. Hope you're on the way up!

sunshine and daydreams said...

Good luck!
I'm loving all the photos you post, especially your interiors and 'Kate' shots.