Sunday, 24 July 2011

Caravan - Interior decorating at last.

Here is the interior the day we picked her up - the curtains and cushions were the first things to go - mainly because they stunk!

We decided to have the cushions upholstered properly so we found a lovely guy who specialises in car upholstery and chose a teal that was common in the 1950's.  I couldn't resist adding white trim and white buttons and after some initial problems they are now home and back in their rightful home.

You may notice the cushion I bought on ebay - and the bigger one has been made from an old tablecloth I couldn't bare to throw out.

I was having a lot of trouble deciding on a fabric for the curtains as I wanted to tie blue in with the teal of the upholstry and after much internet surfing I had come to the realisation that it wasn't going to be as easy as I thought.  In the end I have decided to buy a bit of the fabrics I like and use them all in the curtains.  I have done this on the kids bunks and it has been quite effective.  I think I'll then back them with an old cornflower blue sheet that I have.  Best I get the machine out.


JustForDaisy said...

Oh wow! I love the bunks! Too cute!! We are hoping to buy a van in the next year or so... not nearly as cute and vintage but I cannot wait to do up the inside! This looks delightful! I'm following along with your lovely blog - please come say hi at Just For Daisy! x

Unknown said...

Do you have any other photos, of how you treated the floor, and kitchen areas.