Saturday, 19 March 2011

We Did It

As of an hour ago we are the proud owners of a caravan!

There has been a lot of talk about it but I never thought Surfer Boy would actually agree.  Last weekend we missed out on a van at auction that went well above our price range.  We didn't even get a chance to bid.  I thought that that would be the extent of it but today Moondoggie called me in from where I was reading my book in the sun, with the words..'Dad's found a caravan but it's up in 30 minutes!'  I thought he was kidding but sure enough Surfer Boy was on EBay and had found a beauty.

After much finger crossing we won the auction and have spent the last hour looking at each other in a bemused fashion - we now own a caravan.  They are words I never thought I'd hear myself say.  Mind you a couple of years ago I couldn't have imagined even wanting one!

Our lovely lady is feeling a little sorry for herself but as she is made of timber I have high hopes of Surfer Boy resurrecting her and restoring her to her former glory.  We think she was made in the 50's but we'll have to look in to that further when we pick her up.

Despite her war wounds she has so much going for her and will be a fabulous project for us both.  S.B. can work on her bone structure while I work on her face lift. 

Her details are fabulous - all original Bakelite handles, rounded mouldings, so many things that I have fallen in love with.
While we're not-so-patiently waiting for the house to be done we can get our teeth into our new love!  Stay tuned for updates...


Kristine said...

Oh my God. It looks brilliant! Such character and full of fabulous detail. Love it.

Alice said...

she's a beauty. so many original features like the kitchen light on the wall!!

Lizeylou said...

I cant wait to come and sleep over in her .... how ace!! YIPPEEEE!!

Jules said...

Best head to bright !!!
It's perfect for a 50's van x

brown said...

I'm liking the rounded bits and I think you could make a lovely skirt out of the curtains.
Your van rocks!

Brenda @ 13 Acres said...

this is adorable~~~ I've been secretly wanting to bid on a caravan like this for sometime and do it up - I'm thinking of a cute little caravan done up all retro style called Constance - have you seen those images - just beautiful!!! This one though has good bones - great buy - enjoy the journey xx

Mum said...

Oh my god!! Dad has fainted. he is terrified of where you are going to keep it!

At least you will be able to live in that now instead of kicking us out of our home! The Sunshine Caravan Park is supposed to be one of the best in Melbourne.

Looks like the one we went away in after we got married. It did take us right around Australia.