Friday 4 March 2011

Kitchen Tiles

 The design I have fallen in love with for my kitchen tiles is unfortunately not a tile but a piece of material!  This is a problem but not one that can not be overcome I am thinking.
Surely there is a way I can make this work....
I have tossed around a few solutions - material behind clear splashback glass.... it comes as wallpaper so maybe apoxy over the paper.... Photograph  it......

As I thought, there is a solution to every problem.  It turns out you can have tiles custom printed!!  Choose your tile, upload your image and away you go.  Fan-bloody-tastic.

Now I just need to know if anyone out there has had this done?  Does it work well?  Is it astronomically expensive?  do I need permission to reproduce the image?  Thoughts please people.

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Kitchen Benchtops said...

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