Monday, 21 March 2011

Shop Love - The Corner Shop

Every morning without fail you will find me breakfasting at The Corner Shop in Yarraville.
In fact you will quite likely find me there at other times of the day as well. 
My partner-in-crime (K.J.) and I meet there every day for what we term our morning meeting, of course no actual work is ever done but it does serve to set us up right for the day. 
At first we were a little embarrassed at the frequency with which we attend but now we have embraced it and have even been known to frequent the place up to 3 times in one day!

Clare and Iain who own The Corner Shop are very understanding and have even stopped rolling their eyes when we walk in.  The staff have become so used to us that they don't even pretend to serve us anymore - they just place our order in front of us almost before we have sat down - one day we are going to freak them all out and order something completely different.

 We both treat it as a pseudo office - my shop is just down the road, K.J. works at The Sun Theatre - and whenever we can swing it we meet up there before work, after work, before and after the movies - so many opportunities...

 Our favourite table

Apart from the fabulous staff (Hi Hannah and Eve!) and owners, the decor is right up my alley.  Clare's interior aesthetic is very similar to mine and we have had many absorbing discussions about furniture, fixtures etc.  Clare and Iain are about to open 2 new ventures which is fabulous and I'm sure they'll have all the style and warmth of The Corner Shop.

more stunning photos of The Corner Shop can be found here.


brown said...

cheese on toast anyone???/

Lizeylou said...

Oh how I miss the Corner shop!!

Ellise @ Charles Whyte said...

Hannah is my bridesmaid's little sis! She makes a perfect coffee :)

Brenda @ 13 Acres said...

oh i love this coffee shop and wish i were closer and i think i'd be visiting every day too!! And the Sun theatre - oh my favourite xx