Thursday 7 October 2010

North & South

I've spent the last few evenings curled up with these lovely boys...

Orry Main (Patrick Swayze) and George Hazard (James Read).
There is nothing like a sweeping period miniseries to get me entranced and this one is right up there with my very favourite - All The Rivers Run.  I will be entrenched in the American civil war for the next few weeks so forgive me if I start talking with a Southern drawl.

Of course one thing that I couldn't keep my eyes off this time around were the amazing homes of the Hazard and Main families.  The South had a lot that was fundamentally wrong with it but it's architecture wasn't one of those things.

Boone Hall - the setting for Orry's home, Mont Royal

 The drive leading to Mont Royal

Greenwood Plantation - Madeline's home, Resolute

 Inside Resolute


Lou said...

You made me laugh. We have just got back from a stay in Echuca, and I am at this very moment watching All The Rivers Run. I've got nasty chicken pox, so this is the perfect thing to keep me occupied while in bed. Sigrid looks so young!

dancing in beaumont said...

seriously, whatever happened to the good old mini-series. We had some absolute rippers.

Lorelei said...

I enjoyed and suffered this series...And I never decided wich one of the two guys ( Orry or George)I liked the most. What a pair of Hunks, and How iI loved them both! In the other hand, I do not see in our times series with the same quality. I know Patrick is in Gods Memory and He will remember him when the time of resurrection comes.