Sunday 10 October 2010

Kitchen Plans

My job this week is to lock in how I want my kitchen to be configured so I've been pouring through my files of photos to see what inspires me.  Judging by these shots that I highlighted I'm clearly heading back towards a predominantly white kitchen.  There was a while there when I toyed with the idea of lots of dark wood and rich colours but obviously I'm not quite ready for that yet.... maybe next time.

If you have any thoughts on drawers versus cupboards etc. please share.  I'm sure there are some fabulous storage ideas out there so don't be shy.... I need your brilliance to help me.


Lizeylou said...

Love all of these pictures ... cant wait to see the finished product! How exciting!!!

Kell said...

Having lived in a house with drawers in the kitchen, I will now always prefer drawers. No more deep bending and reaching for those pesky things at the back of the cupboard.