Sunday 17 October 2010

Reno Update - you don't want to know!

After 18 months our council has decided it doesn't like where our stairs are!!!  Why would they sign the permit if they are going to change their minds later?
I can't even begin to understand how they work.
The upshot is we have to find somewhere else for our stairs - can you say 'complete re-design' anyone?


Lizeylou said...

Bugger bugger bum!! Maybe you need to speak to your man over the road!

Ally said...

Are they serious???!!!!! I can't understand why they are making it so difficult for you when they give the ok to multi storey developments or 4 town houses on a block that can only fit 3.
Even though your neighbour with contacts has moved I'd be bringing him on board ..... maybe on Halloween cast a spell???