Saturday 1 December 2007

We're Actually Very Cool! Promise!

Guests - 4 females

Venue - my living room

Menu - Pizza, coke, caramel popcorn, Homer Hudson ice cream, Mallomars, Tootsie Rolls, cookie dough, whipped cream, Pringles, corn chips, home made peppermint crisp ice cream, bullets, Chocolate Royals, cookie dough pop tarts.......

Event - Viewing of Season 7 Gilmore Girls!!!

You probably would not believe me if I told you that some people we have told about our evening looked at us like we had just arrived from a planet far, far away. Others openly scoffed and questioned their previous opinion of us. While some didn't say anything, their expression said it all.

I know! Weird!

What can possibly be strange about a girls night where the aim was to eat like we were 16 again, curl up on the couch for a good natter and watch 3 episodes in a row of our favourite show? Sounds like a bloody good night to me - in fact so much so that we're doing it again next week!


Anonymous said...

How could you stop at just three episodes?

Anonymous said...

Wish I was in to this show just so I could join in on your video night. Reminds me of the old Melrose Place and Models Inc nights in Richmond. Remember those?

Fairlie - said...

I agree with Tracey - how could you stop at three? I'd probably have had to watch them all in a marathon (and then regretted that it was all over so quickly).