Saturday, 22 December 2007

Just Because...

Just because .... you have left over Christmas fabric, doesn't mean you have to make everyone an individual stocking to hang on the back of their chair for Christmas lunch!!

Just because .... the local Video Shop is selling off their kids videos for $3.00, doesn't mean you have to buy ALL of them!!

Just because bought chocolate fudge ice cream, does not mean you have to eat it ALL in one sitting!!

(the photo of this is just too disturbing!)


shula said...


It does.

Cathy said...

crazy woman (re the christmas stockings) - but a lovely thought - your guests will remember the special touch :)

Jodie said...

Of course it does, if you don't get rid of the excess fabric , where you fit all the new fabric...sheesh!

Ally said...

I can't believe you bought Choc Fudge Ice cream and didn't call me to share ......... After giving it some thought I can believe it!!!
P.S don't even think of watching Gilmore Girls while on holidays!!!!