Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...

I got sick of waiting for Surfer Boy to come home, (he's working offshore in Bass Strait and was supposed to be home Monday!) so I dragged out the biggest ladder I could find and hoisted myself into the roof.

What fascinating places ceiling cavities are. There are no end of interesting things up there that I didn't know about including, thanks to my handy hubby, a light and a platform so I didn't fall straight through to the dining table.
The world is a fascinating place when viewed from a different angle and I spent quite a long time with my legs dangling through the manhole just looking around my dining and living room.

Anyway I digress... I was actually up there to drag down the Christmas Tree as I was not going to waste another day being nude of decorations. (If you read this blog regularly you will have gathered that I love an excuse to decorate).

The problem I soon discovered is that we have a 7 foot tree and a 1 1/2 foot manhole. The tree also weighs a couple of tonne and I was at least 12 foot from the ground!

Never fear, I was not going to let these little issues defeat me and ... Wa la!! .... a little bit of Christmas magic (and some major manoeuvring) and Jen and the tree were both safely on the ground.

This morning at some ungodly hour I could hear the squeals of delight as the kids discovered the new addition to the living room. Worth every near-death experience I had getting the bloody thing down.

This evening we had a lovely time unwrapping all the ornaments and other Christmas goodies. Now I just have to find some room to actually move in here.


Jodie said...

well done brave jenny. I just have to say a huge thankyou for that existing eye candy. I guess one day I will be so old that I might look at that photo and think "oh the poor dear needs a singlet" but as Aragorn (more eye candy) might say "it is not this day"

Bianca said...

yay, exciting...Love the stockings.

I'll be putting mine up after the weekend..when we get back from Sydney but I don't think I want to get our Christmas tree myself...it's in the garage and I'm dead scared of spiders..so Marcel can do it ;)

Fairlie - www.feetonforeignlands.com said...

You did well. Nothing like endangering life and limb in the name of Christmas trees!

Ours is not going up until Friday. And I'm hoping it is somewhere accessible...hmmm... perhaps I'd better find it in the next couple of days.