Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Not again!

Lucky I did get that tree down!
Surfer Boy was expected home Monday, which then became Wednesday and as of this afternoon, became Thursday evening!!! If this keeps up I'll be applying for the single parent benefit.

Thank god this is back on tonight. A ray of light in a dismal world.


Anonymous said...

Sounds nice to me...time alone - no one asking if you are coming to bed soon in the hope that they may get a little action!!! Enjoy the peace i say! And well done on the christmas tree front !Big effort - but so worth it!

Anonymous said...

This show I do "get"!! Finally a tv show we have in common - YAY

Donna said...

Great comment loulou. I agree.

Hey, surfer boy isn't missing in action with my biker boy is he???

Fairlie - said...

Luckily I just happened to catch an ad for Men in Trees 'coming up next' and managed to record it. Still to watch it though... So glad to have something decent to look forward to each week!!

Anonymous said...

summer tv can bring many lovely surprises!