Saturday 8 December 2007

Top 5

I need some inspiration!!
I have been staring at my DVD and video collection for the past 20 minutes and can't find anything I feel like watching. Disaster!

I'd love to know your top five DVD picks....

I'll even award a prize for the best suggestion!


Hyena In Petticoats said...

I have bizarre taste, but here are some of mine (in no particular oder)

The Royal Tennenbaums (Gwyneth! zebra Wallpaper!

Betty Blue ( french and crazy....)

Wings of Desire (german and crazy.... contains Nick Cave)

Hedwig and The Angry Inch (Hilarious! Does contain transvestites)

Mystery Train (weird japanese people in Memphis! )

Good luck!


LBA said...

I don't watch DVD's ( and before that, I didn't watch videos either ! ).

I'm not very good at sitting still and paying attention ....

BUT, I do so love the Royal Tenenbaums, and I stay up whenever Sid n Nancy is on the tele ( normally at 1am ;)

American Beauty I love too...

Fargo ...

Actually, I think all my movies are on my 'profile' page - i'm betting they haven't changed in my 2yrs of blogging ;)

Tracey Petersen said...


Johnny Depp with liquid eyes....

Stacey said...

Love Actually (Colin Firth, Hugh Grant and Liam Neeson in one film....)

Hanover Street (if you feel like a weepy)

National Velvet (I was a horsy girl)

International Velvet (horses plus Anthony Hopkins and Christopher Plummer)

Little Voice (for the soundtrack)

Anonymous said...

Ok Jenny - knowing how you love a blast from the past - how about these oldies but goodies
1.St Elmos Fire (The Brat Pack- oh how i loved them -except Andrew McCartney - he had creepy eyes!) And this is when Demi Moore was a NATURAL beauty!)
2.The Breakfast Club - again more Brat packers!!! Great film...
3.Did you ever watch Thirtysomething? One of the best shows EVER - i have some still on video if you want to borrow it!!
4.What about Six Feet Under - another excellent program...i have that too if you want it
5.Just watch Grease again for the 6 billionth time - you cant beat that....

By the way - how on earth do you find time to watch dvds??? And run a business? And be a mummy? A wife? A friend? And sew gorgeous quilts? I barely have time to go to the toilet at the moment!!!

angelique said...

All time top five.....
1. Grease-love the songs
2. Pulp fiction-a bit gory but JT's in that one too
3. Singles- great music
4. Nachos Libre- anything with Jack Black
and 5. High fidelity and Sixteen candles.I so wanted to be Molly Ringwald!!
Cheers and what a good idea.

Fairlie - said...

My all-time favourite movie (which I have seen many multiple times) is Footloose!

Recently, I thought Babel was a great movie.

Anonymous said...

'footloose' at any time, day or night.

''notting hill' for the fun romantics in us.

'steel magnolias' if you need a little weep.

any john hughes/molly ringwald film for a little nostalgia

'good will hunting' for an ace all rounder

JK said...

What great suggestions so far! 30 something! Now that was a great show Lou. And Anonymous, are we related???

whit said...

I'm horrible at dvds, but here are my suggestions:
1. Gilmore Girls 1st season
2. Lost 1st season
3. Mansfield Park
4. Gilmore Girls 2nd season
5. Goonies

I like tv more than I like film.

How did you love the last season of GG? Did you finish?

whit said...

Oh, and Annie on Men in Trees is Francie from Chilton on GG. Did you know?

Anonymous said...

Best in Show is a Ripper!

LBA said...

Best in Show *is* a ripper !!
Good one, mrs g. !