Friday, 25 May 2007

Solo At Rod Laver

WOW, what a great show. I won't bore you with a rave suffice to say that I had an absolute ball and loved every minute of my solo concert going experience thanks to a great performer and the best seat in the arena (Thank you my gorgeous friend Megs)

They didn't have any mugs but I did get a great tour poster that is rolled up waiting for some nice relative to frame for my birthday! I had all the best intentions of buying out the merchandise stand as you may recall but I made a -'not so startling, once I had thought about it'- discovery. Country music is not known for style or subtlety. Now I don't like to say a bad word about my Keith but who the hell is designing the merchandise??? Every T-shirt was black with a Massive photo of Keith covering the entire front. Now he's got a good head but who the hell wants to walk around wearing this?

The only item of apparel that was passably wearable was The Waifs tee!

And where, I ask, were the calenders, totes, Cd's etc. I did pick up a lovely pair of Monkeyville (Keith's fan club) ear rings which I turned into a necklace after getting home! Bet you wish you picked up some of these...

Here's one last shot of the Man, just for my own pleasure before I move on.

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