Friday, 4 May 2007

We've Got Ourselves A Pippi Virgin

As this is my first ever blog please excuse the complete lack of interesting content, humour or social comment.

The kids have just gone to bed and as there is nothing more interesting on TV than Catriona Rowntree, the computer was looking like a better option.
(For those of you not in Australia CR is a particularly annoying TV host.)

My gorgeous husband is packing for a week away for work which means that I will be heading off to the Video Library tomorrow to stock up on DVDs and cookie cream commotion ice cream! My tip is there will be a lot of Gilmore Girls watched in my house next week.
As much as I miss him there is something exciting about knowing that my evenings will be all mine for a while. Anyone with young kids will probably sympathise with the need for some personal space. I sometimes find myself pulling over in the car when out by myself, just for an extra few minutes of that bad?

The other advantage of batch'ing it is that I won't have James rolling his eyes in disgust at my viewing choices. The freedom to watch 'Bring It On' as many times as I like, and practice my Bollywood dancing to 'Bride & Prejudice' into the small hours will be bliss. (God even to me I'm sounding a little freaky - no wonder there is eye-rolling!)

I'm going to post this now and see what a blog looks like.
See you soon


Sook said...

That's better. You are such a dork!

Ally said...

Don't return the DVD's or eat all the ice cream :-)