Thursday, 16 February 2012

Be Still My Beating Heart

Oh my god - look what I just found!!!!

Mattel will soon be releasing Will and Kate Barbie dolls for the upcoming first year anniversary of the Royal couple. I so have to get them.  Birthday's in June....unlikely to get them from Surfer Boy....may need to be a gift to self.  
They can be pre-ordered at £99.99/$150.00  on Mattel's Web site. They are 11.5 inches tall and the dolls are very similar to the gown and Irish guard colonel uniform that were worn by the bride and groom. *sigh* They need to be mine.


kate.o.d said...

hey! and she even has too much eyeliner on, just like the real kate! mwahahaha

Lizeylou said...

I so hope that you have ordered these!