Friday, 17 February 2012

Wow - An Award...

Liebster in German means...

favourite, dearest, beloved

and it's for bloggers with under 200 followers.
Apparently I have been given this lovely award by Catherine at Mommies Are People Too 
 which is lovely of her and means that there is at least one person other than my mum who is reading this blog..
I am now going to share the joy and pass it on to 5 blogs that I particularly love checking in with...
First up is Kate from  Bean there, Read That for being my Young Adult Fiction guru and all round knower of things good.

Next is my beautiful 9 year old daughter Gidget who has her own Blog - AWESOME!  And we think it is exactly that.

My partner in crime at Stars Hollow who keeps me sane and indulges my love of all things Zac related!

Rach at Picklebug who often makes me laugh and delights me with her fabulous images.

Last is Whitney At Whit's End who was one of my very first 'blogger friends' many years ago when I started this weird habit.  Drop by and visit with her and her family.


Me said...

Your 9 year old has a blog! That is Awesome! Really!

kate.o.d said...

THANK YOU! xxxxxxxx