Wednesday 28 September 2011

Princess Watch - Topshopping

It's always nice to see evidence that Kate is as nice as she looks.  This is completely irrelevent but fun all the same...
On Monday evening, Kate was spotted at her local Topshop store, making some quick purchases just before the store closed. Thrown over her arm as she waited patiently in line was a smart polka-dot skirt in teal, a cobalt-blue boucle jacket with velvet trim and a delicate pair of gold-effect leaf earrings that cost just $10 and change.  Kate browsed the store for a half-hour before joining the line to pay for her $170 worth of items.
“She was low-key and casual – she seemed so normal,” the Topshop staffer who served her said.  “She was really chilled out despite some customers in the queue behind her saying, ‘Oh my God it’s her’ and pointing – she didn’t seem fazed by it all and she was really sweet.”
Despite the commotion, no one approached Kate, who gave the store no prior warning that she would be coming in.

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