Thursday, 29 September 2011

Peeping In - Midwood

This historic home from 1888 sits on the Hudson River in New York.  It's owner has 12 grandchildren and this home is a haven for the large family. 

Ths property covers 87 acres of Columbia County

 There is special arts-and-crafts center for the grandchildren on the second floor. An adjoining playroom features a tiny stage - how I wish we could see it.  Imagine having a home large enough to have a craft room!

 On the second-floor landing, a floor-to-ceiling bulletin board serves as a changing autobiography of the house. It is overflowing with family art, photos, outlines of original plays, and notes from almost everyone in the clan.

 This is the stunning enterance to the property.

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C said...

What an amazing craft room! I want one! x