Thursday 8 September 2011

The Humble Side Door


This underrated item has become my very first big decision for the new house.  I sat done with our lovely builder Karen yesterday for a couple of hours and went through the plans in detail to work out a schedule of when I have to have decisions made.  I now feel very much in control and being a list lover I am overjoyed at the  typed up timeframe I have made for myself. 
While I was there I actually made a few decisions, the first of which was the side door.  I must admit I hadn't previously given it a lot of thought so I hope it's ok.  This door leads off our laundry to our side path not unlike this one...

In fact the door I have decided on is pretty similar to the one pictured too.  While I was on a roll I also chose the laundry and toilet doors - now for the handles.  Seriously!  So much to decide.  Fun though.

                                                                            My door -


Kell said...

Nice jen. Is your laundry going to look like this one? Think I will live vicariously through you whilst you are going through this process. I look forward to the next exciting instalment. x

Anonymous said...

I think it would be fun (but hard) chosing a door as there are so many great options out there- my fave is that old church door, wouldn't it be great coming and going through that every day..