Wednesday, 16 June 2010

The Holiday

It's bone-numbingly freezing here in Melbourne tonight and I was more than happy to arrive home from work to find a warm house full of the delicious smells of a dinner I didn't have to prepare.  I am now cosied up in front of the T.V and all the family is tucked up in bed.
The cold has got me thinking about cosy homes and what home is more cosy than Iris's home in the film 'The Holiday'?

The set designers have got this home just right as it suits the character perfectly and provides a perfect contrast to the L.A. home.

How great are these floorboards!  I want diamonds painted on my bathroom floor now.

Although this home seems absolutely perfect - the house itself was actually purpose built and made of fiberglass - sadly it was demolished after filming!  Talk about ruin the romance!


dancing in beaumont said...

i would happily live there, cold and all, if there was a guarantee that Jude Law knocked on my door!!!

Anonymous said...

wow..... the home is very beautiful.!!!
from last i want have a home like it.
for important i be crazy if i look the home.
I LIKE IT.....

Anonymous said...

It's the perfect tale house... lovely!! I would really love one like this one!

helen tilston said...

What a dream home and too sad that they did not film in an actual English home of which there are so many.

I am your new follower and look forward to your visit
Helen Tilston