Thursday, 17 June 2010

Bower Birding

Surfer Boy has been driving me mad for ten years with his need to throw things away every time he has a day off.  Now that we are getting ready to renovate and extend he has become almost manic in his desire to 'cleanse' the house of ' unnecessary items.  The problem is that his idea of unnecessary and mine do not quite match therefore there is usually lots of me saying stuff like - 'for god's sake, just leave my stuff alone', and 'can you just go back to work before i get violent!'
On Saturday Surfer Boy had the house to himself while I was at work which is always a dangerous idea - so when I arrived home I visibly paled when he said..'you know how we need to cleanse..? well I want to show you something'
Shit! I knew it - I bet half my treasures are now in the skip!!
He and Moondoggie led me outside and I braced myself for what was to come.

It turns out that Mr 'Lets Chuck Everything In The Hard Rubbish' had discovered some hard rubbish himself and had made Moondoggie help him lug home one 12 foot wooden ladder and a step ladder from the neighbours up the road!!  He had the good grace to look very sheepish as he displayed his finds and I was so relieved I would have been happy if 10 new ladders had appeared.

I'm thinking I might suspend the 12ft ladder above my kitchen island to hang pots and stuff from and this little one is so sweet I think it can live wherever it likes.  Maybe I can use it in the window at CHALK until we have our new home.


Lizeylou said...

Love it, Love it, Love it

Jo Canny said...

I understand, Steve is exactly like that, he's always wanting to get rid of stuff while I'm sheepishly asking him to stop at a curb side bounty!!! I can't help myself."