Thursday, 24 June 2010

Bower Birding - Help!

One of the things Surfer Boy and I have in common is our love of treasure hunting - by this I mean scouring op. shops, bric-a-brac. and hard rubbish, not the stuff pirates bury.
The last time we were down at the beach house it was hard rubbish day and for most of the weekend we were astonishingly restrained.  It was not until we had walked past this little beauty a number of times that we looked at each other and nodded - we couldn't resist.  It is times like these that I love the fact that S.Boy drives a Ute. 

Home it came and now for the life of us we can't decide what to do with it.  The top 2/3 are mesh and the top opens up a little like a rabbit hutch.  If you have any suggestions as to what we can do with it / how we can use it I'd love to hear them, please!


Kell said...

Would make a great window display at Chalk for Spring - Rabbit Hutch, put in a clothes rod to hang product, some fake grass, soft bunnies??????

Kristine said...

Maybe this was originally for hanging fresh meat?
I'd put two shelves in and change the doors at front to full length. It could look fabulous in a industrial shabby kitchen storing drygoods in cute jars.

Lizeylou said...

Look, if your are really struggling to find a use, please feel free to drop it off at my house!!
But as I know that wont be happeninng, I agree with Kristine.

Lesley said...

love it but mmm what to do with it, an avery for the kids and to torture oscar. Lots of little birds flying around

Emily Speakman said...

a somehow bizarre enclosed herbarium?? (i dont know if thats a word, but im going to use it!)