Sunday 20 June 2010

Peeping In....

Welcome to the home of Sandra Bullock and her new baby!  This gothic Victorian home in New Orleans was purchased by Sandra and Jesse a few years ago but it looks like it is where Sandra is now going to call home.
The internal shots were how it looked when she bought the house and I'd love to know what changes she has made recently.


Kiki in Yarraville said...

Hey Jen, I have a picture of Sandy's house from back in the early 90's when the Queen of the Vampires her self Anne Rice owned it. I was visiting New Orleans with friends and insisted that we go to the garden distric and find Anne Rice's house and Lafette cemetary. It look exactly the same as it did!

Kiki in Yarraville

JK said...

Kiki - That's fantastic - it sooo looks like it should be Anne Rice's house!!