Saturday, 15 May 2010


Hydrangeas mean summer and Christmas and running under the sprinkler.  My Grandmother's house was framed in blue hydrangeas and although they went out of fashion for a while, they have never gone out of my heart. 

Every Christmas My Grandma would arrive with a huge basket full of blooms which Mum would then soak in the laundry over night.  The house would be full of vases of them until we left for our holidays at the coast.
My home will hopefully never be without a Hydrangea.


dancing in beaumont said...

now you're talking! you know what a hydrangea does to me

Annabelle said...

I remember my mum soaking hydrangeas in the laundry too, and bashing the ends of the stems with a hammer .

JK said...

Ah yes - the stem bashing! I wonder if that really works?