Friday, 7 May 2010


I've been finishing off a quilt for a customer and it has inspired me to get back to work on the one I was doing for my bed.  So far I have about 5 rows cut out - not much unfortunately but now I'm inspired to pull it out and hunt up some more fabrics.  My aim is to use stuff that I find rather than going out and buying new fabric.  So far I have used offcuts from my CHALK quilts, op-shop finds, Dad's shirts, old bed linen, even a tea towel.  It's not going to get finished any time soon is it?  This photo (via  here) is a little like the vision I have in my head.


Anonymous said...

i have lots and lots and lots if you wanna come and dig around !!

Lizeylou said...

Can I place my order now too please!

Lizeylou said...

Oh, and no going to Lou's place without me too please!! I promise to be well behaved, but I'd love a fabric dig around!!