Thursday, 13 May 2010

Reno Update

A couple of days ago I decided to be proactive about our house plans and I emailed our local councillor (who up until a few months ago was our Mayor) and asked him to have a look into our case and see what the hold up was.  He very kindly said he would look in to it and yesterday I received an email from him.....

Hi Jenny

I'm informed that a permit was issued on the 4th of May. Please check with your draftsman to see if he has received the advice.
Cr. M----l

Well needless to say you know who I'll be voting for in the next council elections!
I'm not ready to get too excited yet as I won't feel safe until I have the permit in my hot little hands, but it's all there simmering under the surface.  I've learnt that when dealing with council you can never get too comfortable.

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Lizeylou said...

You Bloody Ripper!!!! YAY, when can we start looking at every house magazine that we own and get REALLY REALLY REALLY EXCITED?????