Sunday 23 May 2010


On a Friday the lovely Eliza ('s LizeyLou) and I catch up at our favourite cafe for a kid free natter about all things, but particularly the state of our various home projects.  Last Friday Lizey brought along her REAL LIVING magazine that had just arrived in the mail as she knew there was a home featured that was right up my alley.   She was correct - this home is very similar to my style and I popped down today to buy my own copy so I could feast to my heart's content.


His home belongs to a Melbourne artist and was once a coat hanger foundry, tucked away in Collingwood.

The other thing I love about this article is that it has finally given me a good way to describe my style - Industrial Rustic!  So many people ask about the renovation and ask what style it will be - now I can describe it perfectly.  Thanks Lizey.

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Lizeylou said...

I love everything about picture number 2. I can only imagine how cool your new kitchen will be once you have done your reno - can guarantee that I will be VERY envious!