Friday, 20 March 2009

Yum - or not!

Moondoggie and I have just made cup cakes to his instructions! Luckily the base is a Coles Butter Cake Mix so at least they are basically edible, I just don't know to what degree.

He informed me that we were going to shove marshmallows in the centre of each one and then add more cake mix. This was good in theory but during the cooking process these delightful mallows started to bubble up out of the mixture and dribble down the sides of the tray!! (I am dreading to think how I am going to get it off the floor of the oven!)

We took them out - stared at them for a while and then Moondoggie declared that more mallows needed to go on top.

These have now gone all runny from the heat of the cakes and will hopefully, fingers crossed, be a taste sensation.
I think I'll bake on my own next time.


Cathy said...

lol very cute :) Don't envy you having to clean up marshmallows out of the oven though

Kell said...

Just Gorgeous! Beats my 2 year wanting his nails painted like Mummy.

Lisa said...

Oh my god that looks like HEAVEN - perfect for a baby cino with the marshmellow in the cake!!!!