Tuesday, 10 March 2009

It's Not That Big!

We had our first camping trip with the kids this weekend and it was a huge success. The kids loved it and a great time was had by all. The most exciting thing was the success of the new tent. Last Christmas Surfer Boy and I bought each other a tent for Christmas. I was put in charge of buying it and came home with a 16 man tent and Surfer Boy nearly had a heart attack!
It was so big we weren't able to put it up before we went as it wouldn't fit in the back yard. We contemplated setting it up in the park but thought we might get in trouble. The golden rule of camping is always to make sure you have put up your tent before you go so you know if there is anything vital missing, like the poles, or so you don't get caught in the dark trying to put up a tent you have never seen before.
We arrived at out camp site at 9.30 in the evening, it was dark, starting to rain, and we had a frigging enormous tent that we had never seen out of it's bag! Not good!
With the help of the car headlights and teamwork we had it up in a surprisingly short period of time and had the kids tucked into their new home quick as a wink.
Surfer Boy seems quite happy with the 'Taj Mahal' as it has been nicknamed, and is eating his words.

Here is the 'Taj' in all it's glory.


trash said...

Errrrr... I think it might be!

joyflea said...

Is that a skylight on the top??