Saturday, 14 March 2009

It Runs In The Family

I am so impressed.
Not many people I know are on Facebook. I don't know why, my friends just aren't in to it and in fact few of them use the computer for anything more than checking in every once in a while to read their emails. There are exceptions but in general they are Internet illiterate. (sorry girls, harsh but true)
I am constantly trying to get them to read my blogs, reply to emails, or at least know what MySpace is!!!
Imagine my surprise a few minutes ago when I received a Facebook Friend Request from..... MY MUM!!!
How cool is she!
Not only does she know more about the Internet than 90% of my friends but she is not scared to try out new technology and is always up for something new.
At the moment I am Mum's only friend so if you want to pop by and say Hi - (she's really very nice and interesting) here is her link -



Kell said...

Way to go Carol!!!!!!

whit said...

Everyone here is on facebook. People I don't recognize but know from high school are on it. But my mom isn't on it. Impressive.