Saturday, 1 March 2008

You Shouldn't Go Away For Work Or Your Family Might Forget You

I am a fabulous wife, truely spectacular. I just know there are many men out there just kicking themselves that they didn't propose when they had the chance. I don't think anyone holds a candle to me -
Tonight I started on dinner - vegies progressed well, then Surfer boy discovered the chops he had gone out to BBQ had a slightly sinister smell to them. 'No worries' I called - the kids can have very nutritious skinless cocktail franks with their mash and peas. Problem solved.
I sat down to my deliciously tasty beef and black bean meal for one.

Surfer Boy sat on the couch and quietly ate a carrot.

Seems I had forgotton about him and he didn't like to mention it.

So you see, wife of the year!!


Jodie said...

LOl - Thats hysterical...and he did it quietly!

Stacey said...

Well, at least you were thoughtful enough to buy carrots....

Donna said...

That's GOLD!

Cathy said...

ha ha "he didn't like to mention it" - my husband would have been shouting from the roof tops! lol