Wednesday, 26 March 2008

I'm So Excited

Let me tell you why....
You may remember a couple of posts ago I was having a whinge about Surfer Boy and I having completely different viewing habits - well thanks to the magic of blogging, all my problems are solved.

I rang my parents last night to check in after the Easter break, and during the conversation Dad mentioned that he had a small flat screen TV/DVD that they had bought for their big camping trip last year and had hardly used. He says it is cluttering up their house and could I do him a favour and use it at our place!!!!

Apparently Mum has been reading my blog and passed on my TV frustration to Dad.

In true parental style they are pretending that I would be helping them out to try and cover up the fact that they are, and always have been SUPER GENEROUS.

They are also very sneaky and realise that Surfer Boy can hardly complain when he is doing his in-laws a FAVOUR!!

So this mornings job is to drive to Port Melbourne and relieve my parents of the clutter in their house, poor me!



Ally said...

How lucky are you!!!! So who gets the comfort of the couch???

Jodie said...

I love how parents still do that even when you are a grown-up.
When you move into the new house (last post) I'll bake something and pop in for a porch sit.

Cathy said...

that is very cool news! it's also sweet the way your parents did the whole pretending about the clutter thing :) You're a lucky duck!

whit said...

I love relieving my parents of things that bog them down, lucky you.