Monday 9 January 2012

Retro Christmas

Christmas is done and dusted for another year and I'm pleased to say that Lorelai (the caravan) was not forgotten - she may be feeling a little unloved as she patiently waits for her home to cease being a building site, but she scored rather well in the gift giving this year.
First up was the fabulous 1950's radio that I received which after a little love is likely to work again and take up residence in the van.

And wouldn't you know it - Surfer Boy's present was also a radio!  What are the odds?  Neither of us have ever bought a radio before in our lives - or even mentioned them for that matter and yet we both had the same idea.

His is a reproduction of the BUSH radio and actually has digital radio as well as AM FM.  The sound is fabulous and I can picture the family picnicing in style.

On top of these gems Lorelai will also be receiving a wonderful crocheted blanket courtesy of my mother in law and some fabulous 1950's salt and pepper shakers.  I think once she sees all her loot she won't feel nearly so neglected.


Cathy said...

Cool gifts - love both radios!

Diane Fay (littlealma) said...

Nice!!! I came across your site when I was looking for "digital radios", and I am also in the market for one, so will be checking yours out! Just curious, does one work better than the other? We have some radio stations that we like, that we have to have a hand on the radio antenna in order to get the station! Hoping to not have to do this!!! (I miss my Prairie Home Companion!) - Smile!

Diane Vruwink-Carlson