Thursday, 12 January 2012

Peeping In - Melissa Gilbert

I adore Melissa - she'll always be 'Half Pint' to me and her home will always be a little house on a praire - especially after seeing these photos of where she really lives!  Due to the unfortunate demise of her marriage Melissa and her soon to be ex-husband have put their home up for sale.  Unfortunately (but not surprisingly) it hasn't sold so they are now offering it for rental.  So if you have a lazy $8000 a month and fancy soaking up a little of Melissa Gilbert then this property is for you.
For myself, you couldn't pay me $8000 a month to live there, and if you find yourself loving Melissa's decorating style then maybe my blog isn't for you..... just saying..


helen tilston said...

I will pass on this rental too. Let's let only those who love it have it
Helen xx

dancing in beaumont said...

but she did get to shag rob lowe