Tuesday 22 November 2011


Surfer Boy and I have long been fans of upcycling - although I have only recently been able to put a 'trendy buzzphrase' to what is essentially bowerbirding and making use of what you have when you can't afford to buy what you want.  Both of us have a long history with upcycling going back to our childhood - Surfer Boy's mum grew a 'cup tree' in their backyard - whenever her china cups would chip she would hang them in the cup tree and it has become an institution in the family.  I hope one day to have our own cup tree that will bloom all year round.  My family also upcycled before it had a name.  My bedside tables were made from large chlorine containers and my window seat/chest of drawers was a wardrobe that had been cut down to suit.  

We are never happier than when we are resurrecting an item to be used for a new purpose and clearly we are not the only ones - I am constantly amazed, and inspired by other people's creativity.  Have a look at these amazing re-inventions....

Tennis racquet mirrors

Crate sideboard

cake tin tier stand

tins for a tier stand

one of my favourites - table made from rulers

crate sideboard

mason jar chandelier

like mine - a wardrobe cut down for a new use

a crockery lamp!

who would have thought? a suitcase cabinet

various drawers brought together
suitcase chair

pallets and spoons make a great coat rack

WOW! Lock plates as a light shade.


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Love the ruler table!!

Ira Mitchell-Kirk said...

awesome, love upcycling, like finding buried treasure!