Thursday 3 November 2011

Dress Ups

The kids very much missed our annual Halloween party this year, due to the move, but today they got to dress up after all.  Their school has a Wacky Walk-a-thon every year to raise money and each class has a theme to dress up as.  This year Moondoggie's class was 'Monsters and Scary things' and Gidget's was 'Spies & Detectives'.

Here they are as Dracula and Nancy Drew! 

It's mid-day and they are about to begin but as I look out the window of CHALK the rain clouds are bearing down!  Hope they get to parade around the oval a few times before they get drenched.


Cathy said...

Themed walk-a-thon is a great idea and the kids look great :)

Mum said...

Loved the photos of the kids in their whacky walkathon outfits. Did they get to walk?