Tuesday, 14 June 2011

What colour?

As you can see, Surfer boy undercoated the outside of the van on the weekend which brings me to colours!  We're trying to decide what colours to paint the exterior.  I have a general idea but haven't quite decided. 

The roof and the stripe will probably be the same colour with a contrasting colour on the body.  It's a 1950's van so that also is a factor.

Wouldn't mind some suggestions - keep in mind the upholstery inside is a deep teal green.  What do you think?


Kristine said...

I'd go with white/cream and that pale teal/duck egg green that was popular in that era. True to the van, and works with the upholstery. Can't wait to come round and have a cup of tea in it.

Cathy said...

for something "out there", why not a red body with either white or teal stripes?

Lizeylou said...

I always just thought that you would do it pale blue and white ... but choices?? I'd love to see it Hot Pink but not sure Surfer Boy would be into it.
I cant wait to see what you decide!

Brenda @ 13 Acres said...

YELLOW - PAINT HER YELLOW! yellow and teal go perfectly are i think are nicely opposite each other in the colour wheel! it's not girly or manly, and is the the colour of happiness (and also my favourite colour) so there's my two cents worth! can't wait to see what colour you chose! xx