Thursday, 5 May 2011


I love looking at the weird and wonderful things that people collect.  It gives you such a fabulous glimpse into the person and it is often a surprising and unexpected view.

At our place we have a few collections - Surfer boy collects Lego minifigures, I collect floral teacups, Gidget collects Babysitter Club books and Moondoggie... well he's still waiting to see if Dad will share his collection!

What I have come to realise is that we seem to collect other stuff that we haven't officially admitted are collections yet.  For example, any man who has 9 surfboards from various eras should admit that it is a collection!  I have also realised that Surfer Boy collects antique wooden hand planes that are stashed away in his workshop.  They may be in working order but essentially he collects them for their beauty not their usefulness.  And apparently I am the one who hoards!!

 I do have a few other sneaky collections - I tend to collect forlorn chairs which drives S.B. mad and I can not resist old books especially if they happen to be set in an English boarding school.
Of course my 'gorgeous girls' are a recent collecting joy and I'm sure there are other things that could be classed as collections but I'm not admitting it.

What do you collect?  I'd love to hear about it

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Naturally Carol said...

I think that whole room full of globes is the weirdest of can't even get in there to play with them! There are things I'd like to collect but haven't the space and so I don't want to give up the space I do have for stuff I will only look at and use occasionally.