Tuesday 17 May 2011

42 Going On 14

I can barely keep my eyes open this morning - they are sore and scratchy and I just want to lay my head on the desk and have a snooze.  The reason for my discomfort is ... Smallville.

My guilty pleasure for the past year has been nightly episodes of the Clark Kent story and finally, after 10 long seasons it has come to an end.  The movie length finale episode aired in the States on Friday so I have been on tenterhooks all weekend. 

My friend and fellow Superman freak, Jono, organised for 3 of us to watch this event at the Sun Theatre on the big screen so with much excitement we assembled on Sunday night (midnight) prepared to share an almost religious experience!  (Don't worry, I do know how crazy I sound).  2 hours later, as the film refused to load we slumped in our seats and realised we were going to have to wait longer to find out how the Smallville chapter of Clark's life tied up.

Finally, after a flurry of texts from 'he who had seen it while I was at work', I managed to get the family packed off to bed and settled in to watch 2 hours of uninterrupted bliss - and it didn't disappoint.
There were gasps, thrills, shock, and tears - lots of tears, hence my poor sore eyes this morning.  Can not wait to watch it all over again tonight.  And yes I think I have turned into a 14 year old boy but gee it's been a fun ride.

Thank you Smallville for 10 seasons of joy!

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