Sunday, 8 May 2011

Caravan Update

Over the last couple of weekends Surfer Boy has been replacing 'Lorelai's' roof.  First up he removed the external roof.  Even I got in on the action when he needed someone to lean their weight on the ply to curve it.  Glad I have skills that are coming in useful!  There were a few moments when Surfer Boy got panicky about the rain but he managed to get everything back in place before the heavens opened up.

Next up is the internal ceiling - S.B. has run the cables for the wiring and we've managed to do a deal with our lovely friend Craig to get the electrical work done for free.  There is nothing like the barter system when you need stuff done.  As soon as I have finished this post I have to show S.B. where I want the lights and power points - Hmmmm.... one for the TV, the kettle, my laptop...... what else does my club house need?

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Brenda @ 13 Acres said...

wow - gee she's coming along lovely!!! Lucky you to have such handy friends xx