Tuesday 7 December 2010

Gidget's Nook

I make it a general rule not to go up to my daughter's top bunk more than is necessary and only if she invites me as it is very much her space and when you share a room with your brother it's very necessary to have some privacy. 

As a result I leave her to it except every couple of weeks when I storm the citadel to change the linen and make sure nothing unseemly is growing up there.  Today was one such days.

WOW!! Is there a lot of stuff up there!!  After throwing armfuls of extra bedding, books, folders, diaries off the bunk to go back in their rightful homes I was left with the most wonderful snap shot of pre-teen life.

Amongst the array of soft toys and fairies there are movie posters, pictures of Katie Perry and Kylie, letters from friends, album covers from the likes of Mylie, jewellery and a million other treasures.  Although it looks insane, when you look closer you realise that everything is immaculately arranged.  I sat up there for ages just taking it all in.  Often when we lie up there to read together she tells me about the stuff and it's significance and it's the most amazing window in to her world.
I am actually rather jealous of her space as when the curtain is drawn and the lamp is on it is the most delicious hide-a-way.

Perhaps I need to incorporate my own nook in to the extension?


sevencherubs said...

This room looks awesome! my girls would so love to have a bedroom like that :)

Anonymous said...

This is such an awesome idea! I would love to do this in my kids bedrooms! If you have the time I would be interested in seeing some more pictures :)!!!